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Atlantic Salmon perfectly stuffed with a delicious seafood stuffing.


Each of our Sonoma Seafood’s products begins with only the highest quality seafood. All of our flavor systems are then developed by our very own corporate chef, Katherine See, and packaged in a manner that allows full consumer visibility of the product at the time of purchase as well as maximum freshness on the shelf.

Our state of the art, SQF level III certified production facility undergoes yearly independent audits to ensure the highest degree of food safety. Each product is portioned to exact weight for maximum convenience.

Once removed from the package, each item is ready to prepare at home in minutes with simple cooking instructions.

We offer a wide variety of flavors and species for every seafood pallet.


· Our products are healthy, tasty, and affordable.

· The result of our chef driven recipe development and packing innovation is exceptional product quality.

· We carefully craft each item for maximum flavor and consistent consumer experience.

· Each seafood entrée represents incredible value in product cost and quality as well as time saved at home in final preparation.